Performed brilliantly

    The Nitrac rear discs I purchased for my Focus RS have performed brilliantly. They have managed a trip to the Nurburgring and a track day at Donington. This new set will see a bit less ‘Hard’ use, but I’m sure will perform with the same dependability.

    Ben - Cheshire

    Twice the life

    I purchased a set in July last year - they have lasted extremely well covering 60,000 miles - twice the life of the standard discs with better braking performance with a more aggressive pad!

    Rob - Staffs

    I cannot recommend Nitrac discs highly enough

    I drive a Toyota 4x4 and the nature of my job is that I do at least 50,000 miles per year. I had always used OEM Toyota discs and got around 30,000 miles out of them. I stumbled across Nitrac discs and have been delighted with the performance– I have now driven over 100,000 miles in the discs and they still do not require replacement, I cannot recommend Nitrac discs highly enough!

    Douglas - Cambridgeshire

    Thank-you for introducing me to Nitrac

    I bought a set of your discs and Yellowstuff pads for my Toyota Celica around eighteen months ago and have been very pleased with them, after some very hard driving the front disc grooves are nearly gone especially on the rear face, so may have to replace them soon, but the pads are less than a quarter worn! Thank-you for introducing me to Nitrac.

    Stuart - London

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