Technical Information

Technical Information

In order to get the high performance components we required, we had to ensure that quality was built in to every stage of the manufacturing process. This starts right at the beginning with materials and casting methods, therefore "NITRAC” discs are only made from high quality close grained perlitic grey iron castings in accordance with the requirements of BS1452 and DIN1619. Castings are analyzed for chemical composition, tensile strength, hardness and microstructure to ensure the material is compact, devoid of blowholes and/or inclusions, crack free and uniform in both hardness and texture.

NITRAC performance brake discs are then machined in a fully ISO 9001 accredited production facility using some of the most advanced manufacturing and inspection techniques available in the UK. Sophisticated machining techniques on CNC equipment using advanced tooling methods, combined with computer aided design and full SPC (statistical process control) ensures the production of high and uniform quality components. Meticulous measurement and precise supervision of machined tolerances between the braking and mounting faces, axial run-out and holes for fixing and wheel studs guarantee the basic quality. Systematic inspection procedures by technical experts throughout the production process are complemented by the latest coordinated measuring system which confirms the geometric flatness and parallelism against stringent manufacturing specifications.

To take these high quality discs to the next level you can choose to add our Unique Deep Cryogenic Treatment. DCT is applied to discs using a computer controlled process perfected over many years by Frozen Solid for competition components. This produces a finer and more consistent grain structure within the cast iron of the disc giving greater torsional strength, greater abrasion resistance, and much better thermo-dynamic performance. Note that the Deep Cryogenic Treated steel sample has a more refined and homogenous microstructure, the treated material is much tougher and less susceptible to cracking.

All Nitrac discs feature:

  • Enhanced brake fade characteristics
  • Higher braking temperature range
  • Consistent, vibration free efficient braking
  •  Braking faces, flatness and parallelism - machined to a max tolerance 10 microns
  • Braking faces to mounting face - max tolerance 50 microns
  • Surface finish of braking faces - max tolerance 3.2 microns Ra
  • Controlled chemical composition, hardness, microstructure and tensile strength

    Nitrac Performance Discs also offer:

    Grooves or drilled holes to give rapid gas expulsion and deglazing of the brake pad and improved resistance to distortion.

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