Mini Performance Brake Discs

If you’re looking for Mini Brake discs, but not just any old brake discs, you’ve come to the right place.

At NITRAC, we’ve spent years perfecting a manufacturing method for brake discs which results in the most reliable and highest performing discs money can buy.

We specialise in performance brake discs for BMW Minis. From standard discs to our industry-leading NITRAC MAX, there’ll be an option for you at a price you won’t believe.

Why you might need performance brake discs
Some of our customers are track day enthusiasts, while others just love the feeling that comes from driving on a perfect road in a car that can be trusted in the corners and on the straights.

Wherever you sit on the petrol head spectrum, our brake discs will provide the feel, security and performance you need to enjoy your BMW Mini to the full.

The best standard fit on the European market
We’ve been around long enough and know our product well enough to know that NITRAC brake discs are the best standard fit brakes on the European market.

This is because each brake disc we manufacture is customer made to fit the stringent ISO9001 specifications. And we only use certified European production facilities.

Performance discs for your Mini
If you’re a regular track day attendee or simply want the highest performing brake discs money can buy, look no further than NITRAC.

We take our standard disc brakes and offer no less than five performance patterns that deliver the exact response you require when driving on the road or track.

We’re confident you won’t find better-priced high performance discs of this quality anywhere else on the market, and what’s more, you can buy them easily online, today!

Step it up with NITRAC MAX
For drivers who want a little more, we can go beyond our high performance brake discs with NITRAC MAX.

Using our unique four-day Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT), NITRAC MAX is a force to be reckoned with in braking and something few other manufacturers can offer.

The DCT process has been developed through countless years of racing experience at the hands of Frozen Solid, the leading cryogenic treatment specialists in Europe.

You simply won’t believe the performance of NITRAC MAX brake discs until you get your hands on them, so why not do so today by ordering online for your BMW Mini?

Need standard discs? Look no further
If you simply want standard, rock-solid and utterly reliable discs for your BMW Mini, NITRAC has the solution for you.

We rely on close grained pearlitic grey cast iron of the highest quality, along with rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure the best discs are always produced.

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