How Much Experience Does your Company Have?

We have over 20 years combined experience of working in Motor Sport and in the use of Deep Cryogenic Treatment to get the best possible performance from disc brakes and braking systems, and we are confident that NITRAC discs are the best standard fitment discs available anywhere.

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What Are Your Hours?

We are officially open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm, but are often around outside these hours, so it is always worth a call at any time! If you do not get a reply, just leave a message, because we will ALWAYS respond.

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Do You Cover Many Models?

NITRAC's standard catalogue covers 98% of all cars and vans on the European market, but if we do not list the disc you are looking for please contact us. We have access to many disc manufacturers, and if a disc of appropriate quality is available on the after-market we will be able to find it. Using our cryogenic treatment process we can then produce a disc which matches NITRAC's high quality standards.

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I Can't Find What I Need

If a disc is not available ready made, we can provide a quote for a made to measure disc using our Custom Disc service, so one way or another we will do our utmost to meet your requirements.

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What Is Deep Cryo Treatment?

Brake discs, as with all metal components, have to be heat treated to give them the strength and hardness required. Conventional heat treatments cycle components from room temperature to about 900ºC, but “room temperature” has no metallurgical significance. NITRAC uses processes at cryogenic temperatures (-195ºC) to give enormous improvements in strength and performance.

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