Ford Performance Brake Discs

Owners of Ford performance cars know how important brakes are. It’s why they come to us time and again for the best possible performance brake discs on the European market.

At NITRAC, we’ve spent countless years developing the best techniques for manufacturing brake discs that work perfectly on the track or a simple trip to the shops.

Our unique four-day Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) process offers performance you simply won’t believe, but at a price that is equally staggering.


Your Ford needs NITRAC performance brakes

If you’re a real performance Ford aficionado, you’ll know how important the best possible brakes are. And it’s probably also why you’ve landed on the NITAC website.

Our standard and ultra-performance NITRAC MAX brake discs have been fitted to countless Fords over the years. They’re perfect for track days and all types of standard driving, therefore no matter what type of Ford performance car you have, you’ll find a NITRAC brake disc that matches its prowess.


Made to meet stringent regulations

We use the best European production facilities to ensure our brake discs meet the stringent ISO9001 regulations.

That means you can be assured of braking performance that is safe, reliable and capable of dealing with all driving conditions and styles. It’s why we can confidently say our NITRAC standard and NITRAC MAX brake discs are among the best on the market.


Performance brake discs for your Ford

Do you regularly hit the racetrack in your performance Ford? Or do you simply love driving it on the open road?

Whatever your style or driving preference, our standard brake discs are the default choice for many Ford enthusiasts. They work perfectly all year round and represent a brilliant upgrade to the stock discs when the time comes for a replacement.


Need more? Look no further than NITRAC MAX

Our standard brake discs will fit the bill for most Ford owners, but if you want something a bit more, you need look no further than the awesome NITRAC MAX range.

NITRAC MAX brake discs are made for people who spend considerable time on track days or who simply value the feel and performance of top-end brakes. They’re developed with a unique four-day Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) process you won’t find anywhere else and result in safe, unfaltering braking under heavy usage and in all conditions.


Order your Ford performance brake discs today

Who says you need to head to a garage or specialist centre to find the best brake discs for your performance Ford? We’ve built the NITRAC website so that it’s super simple to use and easy to find what you need.

Just use the form to find the exact performance brake discs for your car, and order online - today. However, if you’d rather speak to a human or have any questions about our NITRAC standard and MAX discs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today - they’d love to help.


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