For the best in performance and safety, low costs and total peace of mind on both road and track, the choice has to be NITRAC.

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You can now buy Nitrac Brake Discs direct from us.  Click the shop now button below to go to browse the Brake Discs through our online store.


All NITRAC Brake Discs are first in their class – so you can be too.


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Our Cryogenic Treatment

This has many benefits including:


  • Vastly increased resistance to warping, cracking, scoring and flaking
  • Improved thermo dynamic properties delivering better braking performance and the virtual elimination of fade
  • Improved wear characteristics giving up to 3 times longer operational life and a very low cost per mile


From our cost effective standard discs for day to day driving to a huge range of performance brake discs or cryogenically treated NITRAC MAX discs for cutting edge, track use. All NITRAC discs brakes are first in their class – so you can be too.


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We have now processed more than 100 orders for Mini Brake Discs... We have always been popular with BMW Mini Drivers - and often talked about on Forums - if you drive a Mini - what are you waiting for? First class brake discs & loads of options. Your brake discs can be as unique as your car!

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Why Choose Nitrac to buy your Discs

We strongly believe that NITRAC brake discs are the best standard fit brakes discs on the European market.
Each of our brake discs is custom made to our stringent specifications in ISO 9001 certified European production facilities.
Only top quality close grained pearlitic grey cast iron to BS EN 1561:1997 is used with rigorous quality control of all aspects of production.
If a performance brake disc is what you want look no further - Taking our first class standard disc brakes you can chose from five performance patterns to deliver the response you need to performance driving. If you want a little more – perhaps for track use or intense road braking then add “NITRAC MAX” - our unique 4 day Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) process developed through many years of race experience by Frozen Solid, Europe's leading Cryogenic Treatment specialists.
DCT is an extension of normal heat treatment which alters the crystalline structure of the metal itself to produce a finer and more consistent grain structure throughout the component. DCT takes our performance brake discs to the next level – NITRAC MAX. 

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